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A recent study from researchers in Israel shows that poor sleep patterns are related to the over use of electronic media and daytime sleep-related problems.

Researches surveyed 470 Israeli 8th and 9th graders. On average, these teens spent three hours per day viewing television and 2.5 hours each day on the Internet. Teens with a television in their bedroom went to bed later and slept less than those without a television in their bedroom. High levels of electronic media use and poor daytime sleep-related behaviors were predictors of later bedtime, as well as later wake-up time during weekends.

The researchers concluded that these findings "raise a public health concern regarding lifestyle and functioning in young individuals."

A fun way to teach your children this principle is to watch Faux Paw Goes to the Games. This short movie from iKeepSafe demonstrates the importance of balancing real life with screen time.

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