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Botanical Spirit Review
January 26th, 2011

Botanical Spirit Shop is a true dedicated ethnobotanical and spiritual plant seller based in Canada that has not only a great line up of products and information for their customers but takes great pains to stay connected to them through their newsletters, mailings, Facebook group, and even on Twitter.

Their Amanita muscaria products are just a few but are unique!  We haven’t found anyone else that is carrying Siberian fly agaric.  If you want to give the legendary Amanita muscaria a try from it’s very source in history, amanita siberian BotanicalSpirit 300x200 Botanical Spirit ReviewSiberia, this is your place.  They have ‘Siberian’ 2010 Harvest Grade A Caps and ‘Siberian’ Mushroom 10:1 Extract for sale here.  Aside from this, they also carry Washington State and Latvian Caps.

Botanical Spirit has a generous list of payment options including major credit cards, money order, checks, cash, Interac email money transfer (Canada only) and mail orders are accepted.  Shipping is generally within 24 hours and shipping rates vary depending on what area of Canada you are in or if you are U.S.  If U.S., you’ll like pay around $7 for shipping.

Botanical Spirit Shop stands behind their product and service with a Satisfaction Guarantee and refund policy.  Certainly give them a try as a trusted source, pick up some of the Siberian Amanita muscaria and be sure to come back here and share your experience with us!

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